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           House built by PUC in 1915 destroyed by fire in Angwin, CA.                                Angwin Fire Dept. protected exposures from damage.




                        Lee, Catie and Aunt Jody                                        Our costumes for Fort Ross                            At Fort Ross, Zahkarii (Catie) makes rope.


                                    Catie clears the cannon to prepare to fire.                                    Catie at the PUC farm.                                               


        Lee aboard the USS Hornet.                                       Lee at the helm of the USS Hornet.



Became Firefighter II in January 2006.                                Angwin Fire extrication drill.                          E-218 as seen from the top of T-18's 50 foot ladder.



                    A girl with a chainsaw... Look out!                                                        Lt.Thomas                                                                         T-18



                        Engineering class project supported 2.0 kg of mass on their straw bridge.                     Vola Andrianarijaona speaks during Science Seminar.