Heterotheca grandiflora  Nutt.

Ubiquity:  Uncommon

Distritution:  Conn Canyon, from Napa to the S. except Napa Marsh

Plant Communities:  Blue Oak Woodland, Annual Grassland, Coastal Salt Marsh

Habitats:  Dry, sunny, sandy, grassy(?) valley floors; in disturbed areas; on volcanic & alluvial formations

Elevation:  10-420'


Updated:  3/31/98

Heterotheca oregona  (Nutt.) Shin.

Ubiquity:  Uncommon

Distritution:  NE1/3, Conn Valley, Rector Cr.

Plant Communities: Riparian

Habitats:  Moist, sunny, gravelly, flood plains/creekbeds; in alluvial formations

Elevations:  200-2000'

Comments:  Collection needed.  = Chrysopsis o.

Updated:  3/31/98

Heterotheca oregona  (Nutt. ) Shin.

     var. rudis  (E. Greene) Semple/Jepson?

Ubiquity: Very uncommon

Distritution:  Known only from Conn Canyon

Plant Communities:  Serpentine Chaparral

Habitats:  A dry, sunny, rocky, ultramafic roadbed; in serpentine formations

Elevation:  175-600'

Comments: = Chrysopsis o. var. r.  Collection needed

Updated:  3/31/98

Heterotheca sessiliflora  (Nutt.) Shinn.

     ssp. bolanderi   (A. Gray) Semple

Ubiquity: Very uncommon

Distritution:  Reported only for American Canyon & Westwood Park in Napa

Plant Communities:  Coastal Prairie 

Habitats: Dry to moist, sunny, grassy slopes/fields 

Elevations:  200-300'

Comments:  Confirmation needed.  = Chrysopsis villosa var. b.

Updated:  3/31/98

Heterotheca sessiliflora  (Nutt.) Shin.

     ssp. echioides (Benth.) Semple

Ubiquity: Very uncommon

Distritution:  Known only near Monticello Dam

Plant Communities:  Regular Chaparral

Habitats:  Dry, sunny, rocky, sandy slopes/banks; in sandstone areas

Elevations:  1100'

Comments:  Confirmation and collection needed.  = C. s. var. e.

Updated:  3/31/98