Campanula angustiflora  Eastw.

Ubiquity: Uncommon

Distritution: Throughout except Napa and Napa Marsh

Plant Communities: Regular Chaparral

Habitats:  Dry, rocky, ultramafic or not/slopes/disturbed places like burns; in volcanic & serpentine areas

Elevations:  750-2000'


Updated:  1/5/98

Campanula exigua  Rattan

Ubiquity: Very uncommon

Distritution: Once reported on Mt. St. Helena

Plant Communities:  Serpentine Chaparral

Habitats:  Dry, sunny, rocky, ultramafic talus slopes/ & summits; in areas of serpentine

Elevations:  1250(?)'  

Comments: Confirmation and collection needed

Updated:  1/5/98

Campanula prenanthoides  Durand

Ubiquity: Uncommon

Distritution: NW1/4 & as far South as Devils' Canyon

Plant Communities:  Mixed Evergreen or Redwood(?) Forest

Habitats:  Dry, shaded(?), rocky, forested slopes/ & roadcuts; in volcanic areas

Elevations:  500-1900'


Updated:  1/5/98