Brassica nigra  (L.) Koch

Ubiquity:  Very common

Distritution:  Throughout

Plant Communities:  Ruderal

Habitats:  Dry, sunny, clayey or gravelly, grassy or weedy summits/slopes/river edges and banks/creek beds/waste areas; in disturbed & cultivated areas like fields

Elevations:  10-2400'

Comments:  Non-native

Updated: 12/8/97

Brassica rapa  L.

Ubiquity:  Common

Distritution:  Throughout except Napa Marsh

Plant Communities:  Ruderal

Habitats:  Moist, sunny, clayey, alluvial valley floors/ & waste areas; in disturbed places like cultivated fields, vineyards, and orchards

Elevations:  20-1600'

Comments:  Non-native.  = B. campestris.

Updated:  12/8/97