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Syllabi and course materials for my classes can be accessed in two ways. "Blackboard" will have the up-to-date version of the materials, and allows them to be viewed as Word or PowerPoint documents. These are only accessible to students registered for the course.  The "Web Version" links to most of these same materials on my web page in hypertext form, and are accessible to anyone, but these may be a year or two old, as I can not always keep the web version current.. The Web version does however allow students contemplating taking a course from me in a future quarter to review syllabi and related materials from a recent version of the class to get an idea of what they might be getting themselves into. Please contact me (  if you find any errors, dead links, or have any questions).

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Fall Quarter
PSYC 121: General Psychology

PSYC 344: Psychology of Personality

Winter Quarter
PSYC/SOWK 368: Principles Of Counseling
PSYC 445: Psychology of Learning & Memory
Spring Quarter
PSYC 444: History & Systems of Psychology
PSYC 457: Psychological Testing
PSYC 358: Abnormal Psychology


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