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Recommended Books/Films

Like most teachers, I am often asked by students to recommend books and films, either related to psychology or of general interest.. Over the years I have developed a personal list of "Ten Books I think every college student should read" and "Ten Films I think every college student should see".  Obviously there are more than ten important books and films, and my list changes often, depending on my mood, the political climate, and what I have read and seen recently myself. And these are not necessarily my own favorite books and films, just those I think are particularly important for college students to expose themselves to. 

 I actually have several lists here: one of books for psychology majors, one of books for any college student, and one for films.  I make a personal list of books to read over my Christmas and Summer breaks, and I have included a list of the more interesting books that I have read during the last couple of years. {I should note that I have left off books like the Bible and the Koran, since I don't think these best-sellers need any help from me}. Books marked with an asterisk are required in a course offered in the Psychology Major at PUC. Where possible I have included links to actual reviews of the books (mostly from 

I also have a link to a site about banned books. I find few things more obscene or dangerous than the banning or burning of books. I think that all of us who have enjoyed the privileges of education have a responsibility to help our communities increase their respect for the free expression of ideas, and the tolerance of diversity. Whenever possible, Read Banned Books!

Please feel free to email me if you have any comments on these books, or suggestions as to books I should consider reading on my next break (




Banned Books
I like to read banned books, and I think college students should read banned books too. Of course all ideas are not created equal, and many ideas deserve to be criticized, condemned and attacked. But banning books in an attempt to control thought is antithetical to the virtues and values of a liberal education and society, and more dangerous than any subversive idea could possibly be. Most of the books banned somewhere in this country express liberating insights that challenge the status quo, but even if they do not, a banned book is a threat to us all.

Here are some links to pages about banned books and censorship.

Ten Books Every Psychology Major Should Read:

Ten Books Every College Student Should Read:



Bill Clinton's Top Ten Books en Books:  According to, these are President Clinton's favorite books (some good ones here, though I am not sure about *Living History*).

The Best of What I have been reading lately (for fun, 2004)


The Best of What I have been reading lately (for fun, 2002 & 2003)



The Best of What I have been reading lately (for fun, 2001)





The Best of What I have been reading lately (for fun, 2000)

General Interest Books I have read over the last ten years or so (just some of my favorites)





Ten Films Every College Student Should See

These are not necessarily my all-time favorite movies - though I like all of them a lot. These are films that I think a thoughtful college student should make sure they see sometime soon.

Ten of my Favorite Films
 These are some of my all-time favorite movies (not my "Ten Best" - since again that changes by my mood and what I have seen recently and what I happen to remember; there are a lot of great movies). Some of them are violent or disturbing in some way, so anyone considering them may want to investigate them a bit further to judge whether it is their cup of tea. I find them all to be in some important way instructive or illuminating about the human condition. [Links provided to online reviews where I could find them].


Recent Films I have Really Enjoyed
These are recent films that I liked a lot, but either have not yet stood the test of time for greatness, or are more in the way of quality entertainment than deep commentary and illustration of the human condition. I don't get a chance to update this page that often, so it may go out of date - this list covers the last two or three years, as of 9/04.




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